Gluten Free in Hong Kong

Hello again! I have been thinking up new blog posts for a while now and I’ve got a long list of ideas, separate from my film blog that I’d like to introduce. I’m pretty sure about two people read this blog, but honestly traveling to Hong Kong I couldn’t find much at all on how to eat Gluten free there so if this helps just one person then that would be great!

Here’s a little background on Gluten free:

  • I have been fully Gluten Free since October 2017
  • I had tummy issues with aches and nausea when I ate a substantial amount of wheat/barley so decided to cut down on gluten until one day I just decided it wasn’t worth it! so bam the sad life of not eating a Mc Donald’s fish O’ fillet ever again began…
  • In all honesty I do feel much better and I have more energy so now I’m just interested in pushing all that into a blog (hey my two readers 😉

So to begin with the post… I have returned from a weeks trip to hot Hong Kong, and it was fantastic! like with my Berlin post I will do a separate best places to go, but this one is purely food (the best bit anyhow right?)

  1. we flew with Cathay Pacific who were brilliant for Gluten Free, they bought all the allergen meals first for people, which included dairy free, Vegan and vegetarian, so that was reassuring. On the way out I was an anxious sleep deprived mess so I didn’t manage to take any photos, but I do remember it was for dinner roast chicken, vegetables and a tomato baked sauce, with fruit and a BFree roll, and for breakfast it was a Full English but with the odd addition of spinach? (this could be totally normal and I’m just a moron) I also ate my friends smoked salmon because I was starving.                                                                                                                                  On the way back the food was even better, dinner was a bit of a blur we flew at 1am which meant the food came around 3am and I picked at it, but thinking back it was good. Dinner was chicken in a yellow pepper sauce and garlic wedges, with a strawberry jelly, and again a slice of GF bread:


Then came breakfast and omg it was the best plane food ever for my tired confused state, it was a poached egg, baked salmon (yass) roasted tomotoes and them amazing garlic wedges again, a proper winner:


2) one of the nights in Hong Kong we went over to the island for dinner, and ended up in a tapas restaurant which was amazing! It was called Cicada, they even had a gluten free menu (could have cried) anyhoot I ordered rice paper and cabbage wrapped chicken, sticky rice, and potato wedges with some sort of creamy paprika sauce was was one of the food highlights of my week:


3) Another dish that I took a gamble with was a restaurant chain that you will see all over Hong Kong. It was incredibly cheap this meal was around £4 with a coke. I ordered BBQ pork, with rice and cabbage. I couldn’t be sure this was gluten free but I thought if not there’s always the rice and the cabbage to eat. Despite that it was actually lovely and I felt more of less fine afterwards. I remembered being told BBQ flavored foods are usually Gluten free, it was certainly good though. Here’s the menu and the dish:


4) DISNEYLAND omg the magical motherland that it is was even more magical in its food, I did do my research with Hong Kong’s Disneyland, getting a list of food I could order. The main meal we had there was lunch at tomorrow – land terrace, although it took a while to order a ‘bun’ less burger I eventually got there! and thus commenced a magical meal… I also added sweetcorn that managed to reach the depths of my backpack for three days until I found it again (gross, I know.) throughout the day I also got popcorn, peach sodas, a turkey leg? (I saw it on Instagram and thought yolo lets do it… I no longer like turkey) and a finished the day with a cheesecake, which actually was okay par the base which I left, below is the burger meal and the cheesecake which my friends also got as well as their doughnut:


5) we had a drinks reception organised for us on the Thursday night which was lovely, so afterwards we decided to go out for dinner. This place was a little odd. the food was actually really nice I got chicken, roasted vegetables and melted cheese which seemed safe to me (I spent the whole week asking my friends “does that sound Gluten free?” ) but about half way through the meal they closed and asked us to leave! mad but I managed to stuff my face with the last bit of food available?! The place was called Mellow Brown:


6) Finally on the last day we stumbled across an authentic Korean BBQ restaurant, and when I say authentic I mean bloomin authentic. I ordered pieces from the sides menu which was an egg, rice, cheese and seaweed (this is the authentic part it was legit seaweed) I wasn’t a huge fan of this meal it was a little disappointing but it filled the hunger gap and seaweed was a mistake oh boy it was bad. My friends had some nice meals though, apart from one of my friends dish which just appeared to be pork fat. I wouldn’t go back here but I’m glad we tried new food, here’s the meal and some tapas bits they put out for us (didn’t try these but they looked like spinach, peppers and chili…not a clue what the other thing was though)


So that’s it! obviously I did eat more than that in a week, here’s a little list of other food:

  • The hotel we stayed at was called Dorset Tusan Wan and we had room service twice just because I was getting back late from stuff and it was massive portions fairly cheap, just ask for no soy sauce in things!
  • Hong Kong has Welcome shops, Circle K and 7/11 supermarkets everywhere so I bought crisps, drinks and snacks to put in the fridge in our room. It was a good back up if we got back late and didn’t find any food out.
  • I also ram packed my case with Schar products which were on offer at tesco’s before I left.
  • and to finish this post, hail I discovered the holy land in central MTR station –  Marks and Spencer and stoked up on blueberry muffins for the flight home

I hope this has been helpful! and if you are planning a trip to Hong Kong check out my post coming soon about the best places to visit!

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