Travel Essentials: in flight wonders

As you may have recently seen, I traveled to the gorgeous land of Hong Kong last week. The flight was a grand O’l total of 12 hours which meant lots of frustration at not sleeping, attempting to keep up some level of a good hygiene routine and devouring as many films as I could (I literally watched one…one in 12 hours) but I was prepared. I managed to pack in my carry on everything that one would need to sustain a pretty good flight. So alas, let me show you what I packed:

First things first, these are just my essentials and everyone is completely different (rightly so) and looking through my list now I feel like I packed what the queen Bee Beyonce might have packed, I’m a smidge embarrassed that I needed water in a can. I like to use a backpack when I travel on planes, I just find that they are easier to get round the airport with, I took this Roxy one with me to China and it was cracking:


The great thing about this one is the straps are padded so if like me you manage to cram your carry on with 100 different things from Boots in a what I call “panic there’s not going to be any water on board” buy then this is something that would probably suit you!

I seem to get very anxious in the lead up to the flight, the whole process of packing and going to the airport can be really stressful until your on that plane ready for take off. Something that I’ve found really helps with this can be Kalms tablets, these are herbal and totally chill one out, and a nice lavender scent. I’m not really sure what it does, but lavender completely relaxes me, I didn’t want to spray stuff into the air for everyone to smell, so I found these in Boots which are roller ball scents and essential oils. The brand is Tisserand and I used Sweet Dreams on this flight, but they also do an Energy one that is perfect for early risers:


One thing that I can honestly say is NEVER forget a travel pillow, OMG game changer! (Tip – face plant the table in front off you with your pillow, works amazingly) I managed to find one in TKmaxx that was made with recycled materials and was pretty, get one that has a clip so you can clip it two your case handle and look like a pro traveler, worlds best was the brand of mine bellow:


I’m combing two products here because I feel like this list is going to be waaay to long if I don’t (apologies if it already is) so hence forth the 4Head stick is something that I actually always have on me. As a migraine sufferer, I find that tablets mostly don’t help. Thus comes the 4Head stick, it completely cools your headache points and you can use it as much as you want. I couldn’t recommend it more, secondly a solid lip balm because planes basically dry out your skin, your soul and your energy! I used the EOS ball in mint vanilla which smells as amazing as it sounds:

No one is a fan of using the free headphones with the fuzzy sound on a flight, I’m no headphone snob but I do quite like to hear the film I’m watching, I got these urban ear headphones last Christmas and they are so small and easy to carry to places! The sound is pretty amazing too, the only problem I found with them is they tend to hurt after about two hours, but honestly I should be taking a break from media after two hours and read a book. I got mine in an icy blue shade:


Finally, here’s the one that I’m slightly embarrassed about. Yes I bought water in a can, and ya know what? It was beautiful. Eau Thermale Avene is a french brand, that sells one of their famous thermal spring waters every 20 seconds. It’s a little pricey, the 50ml spray will set you back £5 and I don’t think there’s much in it as well. But I get really bad skin after a flight, so I just wanted something to spray mid flight:

spray water

Wherever you are heading in the world, have an amazing time! These are just some of the (beyond extra) products that I bring on a flight, remember your passport as well! (I checked I had mine around 300 times) aaannnd just enjoy it! flying can actually be amazing when you look out the window and see the sun peaking through the clouds 🙂




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