Gluten Free guide to Paris

I just got back from Paris!

My friends kindly invited me as one of them was playing a trumpet concert in the American Cathedral, it was  such a special weekend away, with loads of Gluten Free Food (yasss) so lets get into it…

After a mad month of traveling to Hong Kong and Paris, I figured people might want to know about Gluten free food options in different places to what they’re used too. So here’s my second part of GF travel!

First things first, snacks (aka the best thing in the world)

  • Marks and Spencer as usual was beyond amazing, there was a food hall right by where we were staying in the La Defense Hilton. One day for lunch I got a ham and cheese sandwich (reduced hail) and some marshmallows so healthy I know… but never the less the selection was incredible, just look at these shelves:

    I also partially screamed at my friend upon seeing a gigantic ‘Sans Gluten’ poster on the door, Sans gluten is French Gluten Free, and honestly this poster made me want to cry, I don’t think I’ve even seen this in London!


  • Secondly um can we talk about the selection of Gluten Free products in supermarkets?! There is a totally insane amount, we went into a chain store near the Eiffel Tower (so sorry can’t remember the name of it! it was orange?) but I’m sure that other chain stores would have the same selection, this one was like a wholefoods mixed with a co-op. I obviously had to pick some stuff up , the shortbread biscuits were sooooo good omg they tasted amazing, and the marble muffins? tasted pretty amazing too, the only issue was they were rather pricey but at that point I was just craving something cake like (and on holiday) so there was literally maybe 20% of caring (being a uni student and all 20% seems fair) anyhoot here’s what the packaging looks like if you want to check them out!


Snacks now over, lets get into the real deal…

  • On the Saturday we visited Sacre Coeur, and found ourselves in a really sweet cafe, I ordered a starter of Smocked Salmon with fresh cream and some fries as a side and it was literally amazing (looked it too) I seem to find myself guessing when away, “is that safe?” and to be honest every time I have been okay (par one time in Hong Kong when I was so not, but lets not go into that…mistakes were made okay) But in Paris I was 100% fine!

The cafe was called Fistons which is found here:

BUT here is the meal and the menu! merci

  • later that night, we went to a really fun restaurant. Chartier, otherwise known as Bouillon Chartier is a dashing little place set in the 9th arrondissement, it was officially opened in 1896 by two brothers, who wanted to allow everyone from all backgrounds to experience the food, only some could afford. Now the food wasn’t amazing at this place, yet the place itself is iconic and historical and that is what made it special. Do check it out if you are in Paris its cheap, valuable food, with a fantastic atmosphere. Here’s some things to look out for:
  • the waiters will write your tables orders on the table cloth, totally bizarre but cool!
  • if you have a small party, expect to share tables with strangers, I was with a table of seven so it was okay for us though!
  • QUES! oh my we did Que for almost two hours, yet there is at a halfway point a wine/sangria station, but I was with friends and we were in Paris so it was rather fun
  • I have also researched and found out that it is open 365 days a year! bravo
  • Historical fact – it has only had four owners since it opened almost 150 years ago

here is the official website:

So if you want cheap food, in a fantastic setting this is the place for ya. I had eggs and mayonnaise for a starter and for a main I had chicken and chips, simplistic but good:

  • The next day, I was with my friend Lottie for lunch and we ended up in burger king of all the places (Tbh it was a hot day and none of us can go too long without iced tea) so lunch didn’t really happen (the only thing GF in BK in the fries) after seeing Zoe’s concert (hail it was truly amazing) we went to dinner in a really sweet little restaurant in Bastille. Le Petit Bofinger was actually really good for Gluten Free, I asked if certain things were and they checked with the kitchen, even asking me if the food could be cooked around gluten; I usually say yes. we had three courses here, for starters I had egg with mayo again! it seems to be a big starter in Paris and honestly it seemed safe and eggs are cracking (pun intended) for my main I had grilled salmon, a butter sauce and fries. I’m not joking when I say that it was heaven, I am obsessed with salmon, it was perfection. Then to finish I had a classic french creme brulee and again it was smashing.

check out the website here, I seriously recommend this place the floor was beautiful too!

Merci for reading! overall I can safely say that Paris was really good for Gluten Free options! People are really clued up on it, and they have a good understanding oh the menu for you, so all in all good job Paris


Heather Jayne Dodson

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