A little guide to New York City

New York, you’ve seen it in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, read about it in The Great Gatsby but how magical is it really?

The answer is: you’ll never want to leave.

I was only in NY for a short time (Friday – Wednesday) but in that time, I pretty much crammed as much in as I could. Let me start with what the key visits you have to go to!

* We started our trip at the museum of moving image in Queens, this is a film, television and technology museum that showcases New York media. It cost $11 for a student ticket, and is well worth a visit to, not only because it’s cinema (and as a film student yassss) but it’s also in Queens which is a more suburban part of NY! This made it really interesting, and it’s next door to an Applebee’s (what else could ya want?) Later on we popped into Grand Central (42nd street)


* The Rockefeller center: this incredible building is home to so much more than SNL. For starters, the Christmas tree was still up! And my god it was beautiful, along with a very frost festive ice skating rink under the tree… adorable stuff.


* Brooklyn bridge: the home of lonely boy seemed a good day trip idea, Brooklyn is a “hipster” part of NY, with a chilled and friendly atmosphere, to cut it short, it’s the location to Cole spouses “I’m different”t. The best part of it for me was walking along the streets of Dumbo (the area straight of the bridge) and finding a target… yes. In reality Brooklyn is in itself a lovely place, but the bridge is something else.

*Little Italy and Chinatown, we got the subway from Dumbo to Chinatown (we got the J train I think?) it was interesting to go, and I’m sure there are dates when this place is alive and wonderful (think of the Chinese new year!) but for me it was just full of people trying to constantly sell you stuff. As for Little Italy that again cute and well, little. We stopped here for some late lunch, they didn’t have a gluten free menu so I just ordered fries which they didn’t seem to happy about…then we headed back because it was fairly late, did some shopping in times square and watched the Golden Globes (because film students have to right?)

*As this was a university trip, we were taken to the United Nations which honestly sounds amazing, its a hub of politics and a key part of New York, but in even more honesty, we were all so bored… don’t get me wrong I love politics and find it very interesting, but maybe not six hours of our university speaking there? but yes I’m grateful we went because the building is iconic and there was an amazing photography show there.

* The empire state building was about a 15 minute walk from our hotel, costing $36 dollars this isn’t cheap, and if you wan’t to go right to the top its $66 (102nd floor). Although this isn’t like the Eiffel tower, all the film clips you see from it are from the 86th floor, (Sleepless in Seattle, King Kong, and of course Gossip Girl) evidently this was something I just had to do, and my word at night the view was breathtaking! We went around 5:30 on a Monday night thinking it would be busy, but not really finding another time to go, and let me just say it was practically empty, everyone could see out and there was so much space, I can’t imagine it crowded because you’d struggle to see out with loads of people, so I guess we were just lucky.


*Times Square, I’m almost forgetting this one because we literally stayed next to Hamilton on Broadway, but Times Square really isn’t something to miss. Yes it can be tacky in places, but wowzers the screens are impressive, wondering if at one point they thought “too many?”. The weird thing about the square is inside the shops feels like daylight and night because it is that bright. We were about 30 seconds onto Times Square it really was a dreamy location. There’s a wallgreens, an olive garden (their soup was iconic and gluten free) and an m and m world (avoid avoid avoid) my advice would be to step of the grid and find some back streets for cheap food and a calmer atmosphere.

*Central Park, the dream location for filming. As such, we spent hours walking round it! we entered the park in the south and walked all the way up the north exit. How long are you asking? Well in my (Probably stupid) head I thought it would take 2 maybe 3 hours to walk round the whole park, but just walking up one way took us 3 and a half which puts the whole park circuit at around 5-6 hours. But we were stopping to look at film locations and take photos so in reality you could probably cut that in half. This park is iconic, I soooo recommend a good walk here it is really the back garden of Manhattan.


*And to round up this rather long post (hey if your still reading mucho thanxs) we went to the American museum of natural history. So this place is epic, for starters its a museum and I am a freak for them, secondly the place never ends, its just huge. Here’s the odd bit, I looked at tickets online and they said $18 (student) so off we went, got to the till and was met with “how much do you want to pay today?” I was sooooo confused, basically its suggested at $18 but you can pay whatever you want, I panicked and just said $18 because I thought it was some test, but if you wan’t a low budget day out this is a good idea!

SO! that concludes my little trip, if you get the chance to go, pleeeeaaasssee do! you will have an amazing time, and before I go here’s a little reference,



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