Four cheap things to do in London

With summer just around the corner, London is a buzzing place. Aside from the touristy options that happen each year, London also has some really unique and free events that make any day pretty special.

The Royal Opera House

For the last few years, my sister and our friends have gone to the ROH to see the nutcracker, sleeping beauty, Coppelia, and Swan Lake. This year we are going again, but here’s the shocker… tickets are unbelievably cheap, if you are quick you can get seated tickets for £3, up to around £130. On top of this, the ROH is a seriously beautiful building, the actual stage itself is classical. And you can pick up a cheeky gluten free orange cake that I’m not kidding was the size of a book for £4 (what more could you want?) This is one I seriously recommend to do, and the dress code was scrapped a few years ago, but heck we always dress up because it’s fun to!

Website:                                                                                                        Tube: Piccadilly line to Covent garden

Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens 

London is very blessed to have a lot of green spaces, I’ve spent many a day here with my friends just lounging around eating ice cream. Hyde park was once the shared spaces of London society, the Victorians added it’s huge water feature, the Serpentine. We sometimes hire boats on here, they are pricey though at £12 for about half an hour each, but the park itself is free to go into and you can walking right the way through it till you reach the Italian Gardens in Kensington (again free) and if you fancy like meeting the royal family, you can pop into Kensington Palace for around £15.

Website:                                                                                           Tube: Picadilly line to Hyde Park corner

Museum Square 

Kensington is not only a pretty place, it also has some fantastic museums! and the best part? London museums are 90% free to go in (yay for students) a little hard to explain but in this area (they are all next door to each other) you can find the Natural history museum, The Victoria and Albert, and the Science museum. My personal favorite is the V&A because it was everything from costume, theater, art, poetry to furniture, this building itself is super pretty.  All these museums are kid friendly, and are perfect days out for families.

Websites:                                                                                                            Tube: Piccadilly line to south Kensington

Borough Market 

This trendy area of London Bridge is home to a very special market. Come here for food from all over the world, and the best that Britain has to offer. You will also find some amazing gluten free and vegan street food and cakes yum! walk up from here to the Themes where you can quite literally walk for about 20 minutes until you hit some of the major bridges and cross back and fourth to the south bank and parliament.

Website:                                                                                             Tube: Northern line to London Bridge

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