My top 8 Science Fiction scenes in cinema

I’m jumping straight into this one because its a long list and as you may already know I am a bit of a science fiction nerd.

Again these are in no particular order (they are all pretty incredible)

Enjoy the read!

  1. E.T – Flying bike scene

Steven Spielberg will feature heavily on this list due to the fact that he is the king of Science Fiction. E.T is no exception, a sort of sentimental love project for Spielberg, E.T was released on a budget of $10.5 Million and has taken a worldwide sum of around $790 million in box office, this is without the sum of over $1 Billion from merchandise sales. In this scene, E.T is trying to get home with the help of Elliot, his brother and their friends. The result is a truly brilliant bike chase around suburbia, to the talent of the composer John Williams. What I noted from watching this scene is at the very start E.T’s heart is beating bright red to let us know that he is still alive, thus Elliot’s jumper is bright red, one guy is wearing red sunglasses, the other one a red hat and someone is sporting a red T-shirt. These are all cleaver ways to make the boys and E.T a sort of team where they are all on the same side. Red usually signals the shade of danger, but in this scene it features as the love they all have for for E.T, and the danger that the government pose to him.  Notable quotes:

“He’s a man from outer space and were taking him to his space ship” – Elliot

Here’s the scene:


2.   Jurassic Park – Welcome to Jurassic Park 

This scene is set on the fictional island of Isla Nublar and my god its a good scene. Just imagine how incredible this would be. What gets me about this scene is that it’s not entirely off the cards. I’m not saying that we could have dinosaurs tomorrow, just that unlike aliens, dinosaurs did used to walk the earth. Now their might be a bit of a pattern here with John Williams and Steven Spielberg because this film once again knocks it out the bag with an incredible score and brilliant cinematography. Notice the jeeps in the background? These car’s are a crucial prop from the start of the film to the end, and in the re-boots they are ‘discovered’ in a disused shed. Furthermore, the graphics in Jurassic Park still hold up today, No one watches Jurassic Park and thinks “I can’t take this seriously because it look’s so bad” I know for sure that the kitchen scene (if you know you know) still makes me jump so bad, why? Because its good! Notable quote:

“you did it, you crazy son of a bitch did it”

The scene:


3.   Wall-E – The opening 

Wall-E is the sweet story of a cleaning robot that is left on earth to sort out its problems, while humanity is on a ‘space cruise’. The opening is the best part of this film, as my dad said “there’s no speech but your hooked on it”. It smashes open with the galaxy and a cracking song from the musical ‘Hello Dolly’ but the audience soon realizes that this will not be your typical Pixar movie. There probably isn’t speech in this film until 20 minutes into it, yet its captivating. Known as a children’s film, it’s probably even more important to adults as its a warning as to what could happen if we let it. (plastics is a whole other post coming your way) as for children watching it, there is hope that they will pick up on the message this film gives out. It is also shadowing the post a setting of apocalypse 1950’s America with its design. The left over shops and the musical drag it back in time, despite it being set in 2805.

The Scene:


4. Close encounters of the third kind – mashed potato 

Spielberg has made the list again, but this time with a not so there alien. In fact we don’t see this particular alien till the last section of the film, building the audiences suspense and anticipation. The mash potato scene isn’t directly a science fiction scene, its a family dinner with some dodgy looking mash and bad decor, but at the core of this scene is a man that is desperately trying to figure something out and the world making him feel like he’s insane. In reality he is obsessed with the alien and the mountain, as we see him building the mountain out of mash, but ask yourself who wouldn’t be if you’d seen the stuff he had. Once again, like Wall-E this scene has very little speech or sound in it, we as the viewer can feel the tension in the room like its crushing the family. You can see what Roy is doing to his family, the children are confused and crying and his wife is looking somewhat disturbed at his actions, yet he continues to make this worse by stating “I can’t explain what it is I’m feeling, what I’m thinking” and we believe him. Its a strong contrast to the family friendly film that is E.T.

The Scene:


5. Planet of the apes 1968 – The statue of Liberty

I’ve chosen this scene because it’s truly jaw dropping when you realize what your’e seeing. (really hoping people have seen these film – spoilers!) a beautiful beach in a post apocalyptic society and wham there’s Lady Liberty herself. I’m not sure about the science or geography around this, she looks too perfect in this scene and I’m 99% sure that this wouldn’t happen, but for the sake of the movie, it makes a pretty good plot twist and it places the audience in the film for the first time as they look at something familiar. It also represents the downfall of a society and a regime that has taken over. It makes for one of the darkest and brutal movie endings in all of cinema, and leaves the audience with so much more than just questions. Humans evolving from apes is a reality not fiction, as such this film does more than scare you, it prompts a ‘what if’ image in your head.

The Scene:


6.  Rouge One – The plans are handed over

It wouldn’t be a science fiction list without Star Wars making an appearance. For this list I decided not to use A New Hope (1977) and instead went to one of the newer ones, the prequel to A New Hope, Rogue One. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and the ending was perfection, and tied it all back to the original film that started it. In this scene we see the plans being handed over from the base (that has just been destroyed) to Princess Leia in the control room, but not before Darth Vader has gotten on board to well, kill them all on it for the plans (including his daughter?!) in a masterful piece of cinematic skills, we see a young Princess Leia collecting the mission and the plans, which flows beautifully onto A New Hope, as they escape into the galaxy. I truly think this scene deserves more attention, it has you on the edge of your seat, Leia is young?! and the iconic theme is blasting throughout it. It is a beautiful ending to a film, and hearing the words “Hope” will make you go YASS!

The Scene:


7.  Star Trek – Kirk’s legacy 

To boldly go where no one has gone before is certainly what Kirk does in this scene. From the 2009 reboot series, Kirk finally decides to join Star Fleet and in the process, meets ‘Bones’. This scene is ambitious and well planned, as well as sharp and you are so rooting for Kirk to do well. The fact that you can hop on the space equivalent of a mini bus and drive up into space is beyond me, it is so cool. Not to mention that when Kirk is driving to the port, you can see misty buildings and towers in the background of either a futuristic city or a deserted one (as they seem to be in the middle of nowhere) I guarantee that at some point throughout Star Treks life you have wanted to join Star Fleet, and this film makes that seem possible, it breaks that boundary of space and makes it something that’s accessible and honest. Notable quote:

“I can do it in three” – Kirk

The Scene:


8. Metropolis – Maria is made 

I might have saved the best to last. Where to begin with Metropolis? It is one of the best films ever made, I adore it from start to finish and despite its almost three hour running time, I wan’t more of it. Yet this scene from 1927 is so rich in science fiction that it makes the whole film magical and mystical. ‘Good’ Maria has been cloned by the scientist into a ‘bad’ Maria, resulting in chaos around the city of Metropolis and it’s underground Workers city. Listen carefully to the music in this scene, the flutter of the strings and of brashness of the brass instruments make this scene pop on the screen. While strange bubbles and liquids fizzle away in jars and we slowly see the transformation take place of the robotic Maria. The lights and levers bring electricity into this scene and it syncs with the music fantastically. You will know the image of the robot even if you’ve never heard of this film, it’s used in pop culture all around the world. For example, Queens Radio Ga Ga. This is a beautiful scene and film, I could talk for hours about it (and I do, it’s my dissertation at University)

The Scene:

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