The 2019 Oscars Predictions

To say that cinema has been exciting this past year, is an understatement. It’s been so rich and diverse, and the result of that has been some incredible films and talented people eveloping audiences in a series of tales. Much like the Baftas, The Oscars will no doubt take a similar course. My previous Bafta prediction post wasn’t far off, I didn’t expect Roma to sweep as much as it did, but as for best actor and actress, that was predicted.

My predictions for The Oscars 2019, goes as:

Best film: The Favourite

As much as I wanted to type Bohemian Rhapsody, I don’t think it will win, and that’s not on the cast, it’s on the director. The Favourite was eccentric and brilliant and a well desereved win for all involved. (See my previous review)

Best actress: Olivia Coleman

perhaps a big night for The Favourite, I am confident that Olivia Coleman will win for her fantastic portrayal of Queen Anne. She made me laugh and almost cry at times (but mostly laugh!)

Best Actor: Rami Malek

Okay, I’m just going to say that if Rami Malek doesn’t win best actor, that I’ll be very upset for a few days. He was incredible, there are no words for his performance of the legendary Freddie Mercury. Yes, Bradley Cooper was good, really good, I just think that people will look at the performance history of Rami Malek and think wow that really was the role of a lifetime. Has he peaked in his career? Who knows but I’m expecting big things.

Best Supporting Actress: Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz’s performance in The Favourite was sharp and strong. She has already proven herself as a confident actress, but this time, she took it to a whole new level. Her counterpart, Emma Stone was good, she just wasn’t as good and that’s okay. It made the film dynamic and quick.

Best Supporting Actor: Richard E. Grant

No, Richard E. Grant will not have “gone on holiday by mistake” when he steps off the plane in LA, in fact he will be well and truly beaming (as you may have seen via his Instagram) his performance in Can you ever forgive me? Is like all his performances, bursting with energy and brialliant with the talent of a true actor, this role is no exception. Expect big things on the night!

Best Director: Alfonso Cuarón

This is an odd one to write I didn’t really honestly like this film. But I appreciated the art of it, which was truly phenomenal.  To not get into the faults of this film, I can understand why Alfonso would be worthy of winning this prestigious award, it makes complelte sense.

Best Animated Feature: Isle of Dogs

Hey, it’s Wes Anderson? What’s not to love! My mum and I absolutely loved this film and couldn’t stop talking about it, while I’ve been working at the BFI in London (post coming soon) I got to see one of the dog models they used and it’s amazing what they can do with art and film.

Best orginal song: Shallow

I will be shocked if this award doesn’t go to A Star is Born, and even more, Lady GaGa, again, where the film itself had some faults, I simply can’t fault this song – cinematic perfection as far as music goes.

With that, we will just have to see what comes of Sunday night! I feel quite sad that I don’t have time to write all the categories out and discuss them (because every award is just as important as the last one!) but I did that a bit more in my Bafta post and usually the awards are very similar in progress.

Other amazing Oscar nominated films to check out:

Green Book


If Beale street could talk

Cold War



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