Hello 2020 ~ 26 things I want you to bring me

I’m back! I took a little break to focus on well, life, but alas I find myself having cleaned my room and motivated to get back into this blogging stuff! I also wan’t to try and write more personal blogs and lean away from the journalistic stuff for a couple of months, I think I got to regimented in posting! So original me is back and ready to go with some huge things in line for 2020.

First off, I hope the New Year has started off good! I had a quiet Christmas period but it was perfect. To start this ‘new year, new me’ crap off I’ve written a realistic new years resolution list;

  1. Listen to music every morning
  2. Listen to more Charles Trenet
  3. Plan hundreds of fictional *very affordable* holidays, and pull one out of a hat (You’ll probably end up in a tent in your garden)
  4. Write thoughts, feelings and ideas down, log that stuff!
  5. You hate writing a diary, so take photos instead
  6. Watch those films you’ve known about for years but are too lazy to watch
  7. Learn how to make Macaroons, the lemon kind.
  8. Read every book your given, even the bad ones
  9. Spend another year obsessing over Escape to the Chateau and thinking “Yeah, I can do that”
  10. Buy more vintage, the 50s and 60s and live out your Maisel dream while being more Eco friendly
  11. Be more Eco friendly, remember to bring that reusable cup!
  12. Go to fun museums in London like the Fan Museum and the Vagina Museum
  13. Get that bike out the shed and shove a basket on it, spend Sunday’s hopelessly lost in the countryside with a dish of grapes (For the romantics in you)
  14.  Say yes more than you say no, go on adventures.
  15. Sew more, make more, diy more
  16. Keep your room tidy, is it really that hard Heather?
  17. Make friends with that curious cat that’s always in your garden
  18. Go one level up in Nandos
  19. Cook or bake one new thing a week (The reality is a month)
  20. Buy one more big plant and name it Victor
  21. Pick one history topic a month and find pockets of time to read about it
  22. Start writing a book, you’ve got the idea
  23. Go on more than one run in a year, ONE!? I managed last year
  24. Go to sleep early for once, for once…
  25. Put your phone away at 9pm
  26. And finally, compliment your friends and family

Right, do you think I can do any of these? Absolutely not. But will I try? Heck yes.          Back to film posts next week!

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