40 ways to keep yourself entertained in quarantine: taking some time

Hi guys!

In this rather uncertain and scary time, being at home for two weeks at a minimum will no doubt frustrate people, but it is needed to make the world better again. Staying at home as much as you can will help the strain on medical services and it will weaken the chance of more people contracting Covid-19.

But that doesn’t mean that this time at home has to be all doom and gloom. Mental health is also a worry that within this time, many people will struggle to deal with the situation and what has changed for them.

This has been on my mind a lot this past week, and I’m sure many of you are asking yourselves the same question: how do I keep busy and healthy (both body and mind) in this period?

Well, for one you can follow the NHS and Government guidelines on what is best for you, but I also wanted to compile a list of ideas, that mostly lead away from social media to inspire people in what they can do to ‘take a break’ from this global pandemic, and yes some of them are so obvious, but sometimes you just need someone to say it! So lets begin!


  1.  Clean out and re organise your bedroom
  2.  Try a new recipe (try not to waste food)
  3.  Prep meals with out of date food
  4. Plan an amazing holiday to look forward to (don’t book it!)
  5. Try journaling
  6.  Learn the basics of an instrument
  7.  Make a short film (with siblings, or Lego etc.)
  8.  Pick a new topic a day to learn about
  9.  Have an indoor or outdoor picnic
  10.  Write a script or a book
  11.  Indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt
  12.  Play board games
  13.  Get gardening
  14.  Themed movie nights (Disney, 80s etc.)
  15.  Film a cooking show
  16.  Have a karaoke night (might regret this one)
  17.  Learn Yoga and Ballet
  18.  Have a photoshoot (can use a cat for this!)
  19.  Learn calligraphy
  20.  Have a spa night (crack open that wine)
  21.  Group facetime with friends doing activities together
  22.  Make old clothes into a new blanket
  23.  Start a book club with friends and eBooks
  24.  Make a list of classic films you want to watch
  25.  Try a new genre of music
  26.  Build a den (yes, adults can do this too)
  27.  Draw portraits of your family
  28.  Make paper lanterns to watch at night
  29.  Have a fashion show in your living room
  30.  5 minute work out a day to get energy up
  31.  Don’t text, call your friends and family for a chat
  32.  Write letters to everyone for a something to open
  33.  Paint your view
  34.  Try Salsa dancing
  35.  Make a collage out of old magazines
  36.  Write a bucket list
  37.  Learn a new language
  38.  Sit down in the garden or by a window with a cup of tea
  39.  For kids, paint the outdoor slabs with water and a brush
  40.  Write a song


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