Here’s 20 plus amazing shows to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime!

Newsflash: The sofa will become our second homes in the next few weeks. If you’ve just downloaded Disney+ (Lucky you!) then you will be occupied like I know half my friends will be, but fear not Netflix and Prime members! I have the definitive list of what to watch, whether you need a good cry of a belly aching laugh, so lets crack on! (or as my friend Julia would say “crack that wine open”)



1. That ’70s Show 

Running from 1998 to 2006, this show is goofy and downright silly but I freakin love it! Its perfect to lightly watch in the background if you want to do some work, and the comedy is classic. An 8/10.

2. Sex Education 

Now onto its second series, this Netflix original series is about Otis, a nervous and shy teenage boy, whose mother is a sex therapist,. yeah. Using his ‘knowledge’ he sets up a very successful sex clinic at school with the help of his friends. Comedy and a freaky time universe that makes it look like an American high school in 1986. A 7/10.

3. Atypical 

This family comedy/drama series is a gem in the rocks. A new series is coming, but there is three to watch on Netflix! Enjoy it, I know you will! An 8/10.

4.  Gilmore Girls 

A wholesome show if you’ve never seen it. This will make you feel all warm and cozy, with 8 seasons and a squeal with the same cast, Gilmore Girls is loved world wide. I recently binged it all last year and when it finished, I actually felt a little lost! I also went to the set on the backlot of Warner Bros in Hollywood! An 8/10.

5. Gossip Girl

XOXO Lonely Boy here. Spotted on Netflix, the best series about upper east side privileged teenagers and the havoc they wreck on themselves. The catch? An extremely good looking cast and costumes, that will make you hate/love your own life. Binge worthy and completely good. A solid 9/10.

6. Stranger Things

If you haven’t seen this, why not? It is the best thing Netflix ever did and its grown to be one of the most successful television series of all time. Its every 80s movie, meets a small suburban town called Hawkins and a cast of teenagers.  I give it 100/10.

7. The Umbrella Academy 

Only in its first season (with another filming) and based of the comics of the same name, this show is bloody brilliant. It’s so much more than the usual superhero series, it connects with the audience to give them a few different stories, making it so cleaver.  10/10.

8. The Good Place

Although the last episode kinda freaked me out, The Good Place is perhaps on the most amazing shows ever made, purely due to the story that pulls you in. I can’t give anything away, but it will amaze you! Trust it. 10/10.

9. LOVE 

This Netflix series is sweet, confusing and funny. Following two people who on paper, do not fit together, seemingly defy odds and come together in this heartwarming series. 9/10.

10. Sabrina (TCAOS)

Sabrina the teenage witch, but make it Riverdale (Only much, much better) Constantly making television better, in the form of this mythical series. Watch if you like magic, the original Sabrina and, well, Riverdale.

11. The Crown 

With Series 4 coming, The Crown is the show to watch if you love history and the royal family. But it also comes with an incredible set of actors, sets and costumes that will hook you from start to finish.

12. Anne with an E

As heartwarming as the books, this adorable series focuses on so much more than frothy dresses and Canadian winters. You will fall in love with the characters, and even better there are 3 series to binge! Although this has just been canceled so that leaves me with an 8/10.

13. Workin’ Moms 

Bad ass parents group? Moms dealing with parenthood? Strangely funny for someone without children? Heck yes. Watched this show when I was on a flight to LA and it is GOOD! New series is coming, 9/10.

14. Love is Blind

You’ve seen the memes, now experience this madness for yourself. It is so bad its good and you will binge it in the most uncomfortable way, sorry for suggesting it, cringe worthy goodness. 6/10.

15. Schits Creek 

I’m only two seasons into this show, but I already know its going to get finished on my Netflix! Its really funny, sarcastic, dry comedy that Hollywood does good. 8/10.

16. The Vampire Dairies 

I wasn’t a fan at first, there is a book series, but I just jumped straight into the series and it is way better than I expected! The last few seasons kinda loose it a bit, but overly a good series! 8/10.



1. Modern Family

This is the go to show in my house for a laugh. If you feel down, upset or anxious this show is the best medicine and I howl with laughter at every scene. There is so much love and happiness in this show, it radiates through the screen, a solid 10/10.

2. The Marvelous Mrs Maisel 

I first watched TMMM in 2017 and binged it like crazy, going a little crazy myself in the weeks after wearing a heck of a lot of vintage. Then I suggested it to my parents and what do you know they full on (really full on) binged it until they were left with an empty series hole in their hearts. The good news is there are more seasons coming! The bad news is it will most likely be next year now, but it is FANTASTIC! 11/10.

3. Downton Abbey 

There are 6 seasons of Downton Abbey to binge on Prime, so whether you love period dramas, a little bit of drama or you want to live out your aristocracy dream (I recommend drinking tea from a tea cup) this show will impress.

4. The Grand Tour

For car lovers, this is a paradise of television. I was a fan of Top Gear, so I was pretty excited when Amazon picked it up for home screens. The challenges are amazing, production value is great and the locations are insane. 8/10.

5. The Office (US, Duh)

You’ve seen the memes, heard the quotes and now you can binge the crap out of some of the greatest comedy on television. Personal favorites? The fire alarm, chili, parkour, HR visit… the list just goes on it is ‘prime’ comedy, see what I did there? 9/10.

6. Modern Love

Now, I haven’t actually seen this, but I’ve been told that it is very good. So if you fancy a heartwarming series, I think this is it?

7. Catastrophe 

True British comedy, following a couple who find out they are expecting a baby with a limited amount of history behind them. 9/10.

8. The Last Tycoon 

Lily Collins shines in this series based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished book. Its based in 1930s Hollywood, the golden era of cinema. With only 9 episodes though. 7/10.

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