Everything you need to know about the upcoming film festival – WE ARE ONE

Back in April, in the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, several global film festivals announced that they were canceling their festivities. As someone that has attended these festivals since 2017, and seen the beauty of the work it produces, it was an understandable conclusion, but a sad one. What followed only a few weeks later was a team of festivals, bringing it all online.

For ten days from the 29th of May until the 7th of June, we can worldwide screen features, shorts, documentaries, discussions and more solely on YouTube for free. This was music to my ears, I should have been in New York when Cannes was due to kick off, which of course was cancelled, and I wasn’t sure where I stood with Venice. Like so many others, we now have the chance to catch these films from the comfort of home.

You simply tune in at the right time, and watch them. No waiting in press lines!

Usually with a festival, you will get a printed programe. I always highlight what I want to see, when it is, how to get tickets, etc. Venice was a golden festival for this, Cannes? Not so much. On the other hand, We Are One is gifting us a dazzling array of events.

Highlights will be different for everyone. Cinema’s good at doing that. That being said, from shorts to features these are some of the top picks I’ve established from their programe:


  • Sebastian Tellier on a Paris Rooftop (Web Series, Starts: 12pm GMT)
  • Marooned (Dreamworks, Starts: 12pm GMT)
  • White Echo (Short, Starts: 1pm GMT)
  • Electric Swan (Feature, Starts: 6pm GMT)
  • Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records (Feature, Starts: 8:30pm GMT)


  • Eeb Allay Ooo (Feature, Starts: 12pm GMT)
  • On Transmissions: Claire Dennis in conversation with Oliver Assayas (Discussion, Starts: 6:30pm GMT)
  • Late Marriage (Feature, Starts: 7:45pm GMT)
  • Ricky Powell: The Individualist (Feature, Starts: 10:30pm GMT)


  • No One Left Behind (Short, Starts: 4:45pm GMT)
  • The Tears Thing (Short, Starts: 5:45pm GMT)
  • Cinema Cafe with Tessa Thompson and Jane Campion (Discussion, Starts: 6:45pm GMT)
  • The One Minute Memoir (Short, Starts: 8pm GMT)


  • Ticket of no return (Feature, Starts: 2pm GMT)
  • Best Animated Short Films Rigo Mora Award (Shorts, Starts: 5:30pm GMT)
  • Na Plovarne (Discussion, Starts: 6:30pm GMT)
  • Short film selection in competition at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival (Shorts, Starts: 8pm GMT)


  • Sisterhood (Feature, Starts: 1pm GMT)
  • Stories of Destroyed Cities: Shengal (Short, Starts: 3pm GMT)
  • Shiraz: A Romance of India (Feature, Starts 5:15pm GMT)
  • Beyond the Mountain (Feature, Starts 9:15pm GMT)
  • Tribeca Talks: Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Sodabergh (Discussion, Starts: 11:15pm GMT)


  • Lonely Encounter (Short, Starts: 12:30pm GMT)
  • Volubilis (Feature, Starts: 3:15pm GMT)
  • Mary is happy, Mary is happy (Feature, Starts: 7:20pm GMT)
  • Beautiful Things (Feature, Starts: 11:25pm GMT)


  • Dirty Laundry (Short, Starts: 12pm GMT)
  • Occidente (Short, Starts: 2:45pm GMT)
  • Grab (Feature, Starts: 7:45pm GMT)
  • Ice Cream and the Sound of Raindrops (Feature, Starts: 8:30pm GMT)
  • Wake Up: Stories from the front line of suicide prevention (Feature, Starts: 11:45pm GMT)


  • Mabo (Television, Starts: 12pm GMT)
  • Rendez Vous with Alain Delon (Discussion, Starts: 5:05pm GMT)
  • Tremble all you want (Feature, Starts: 8:15pm GMT)
  • On transmission: Ang Lee in conversation with Koreda Hirokazu (Discussion, Starts: 10:30pm)


  • A city called Macau (Feature, Starts 12pm GMT)
  • Nasir (Feature, Starts: 2:30pm GMT)
  • Leons animated stories (Shorts, Starts: 8:20pm GMT)
  • Tiff Talks: Viggo Mortensen and David Cronenberg on Crash (Discussion, Starts: 10:30pm GMT)


  • Mystery Road (Feature, Starts: 1:05pm GMT)
  • Rosalinda (Short, Starts: 4:55pm GMT)
  • Indigenous Shorts Programe (Shorts, Starts: 7:15pm GMT)
  • Tiff Talks: Tantoo Cardinal (Discussion, Starts: 8:15pm GMT)
  • The Iron Hammer (Feature, Starts: 9:30pm GMT)

All of these can be streamed for free on YouTube, I will post the link bellow to the channel and page. Be sure to check out the exact timings and programes if anything changes.

There are huge benefits to a film festival. In reality, I’ve always seen them as a market, they allow an audience of fans, industry members and press to accumulate together and watch something special and unique to the city its showing in. I have fond, happy memories of my times at Berlin (2017), Venice (2018), and Cannes (2019) gliding from one screen to the next, cramming it all in. That will come back, the sense of excitement as you know you’ve watched something the world is going to shout about six months later. However, for now this seems to be a pretty good back up plan. Take this time to re watch, learn, study and write about what you’ve seen, its the beauty of We Are One.



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