You’ve Seen The Films & Read The Books: 8 Products Every Potter Fan Will Love Under £80

Harry Potter to me is like a morning coffee, its inevitable that I will think about it. Like so many adults and children around the world, the Potter franchise has played a huge role in my life. I think my family are probably very tired of me talking about it still, all these years later.

However in my own space (AKA My Bedroom) I can make it as magical as I want. This is quite literally what I did throughout University. This list provides even the biggest fan with some extraordinary home ware to turn their little corner of the world into Hogwarts. So with out too much chat, lets take out our wands and begin…

  • The House of MinaLima designed all the artwork and some props for the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast Series. These are items like The Daily Prophet Newspaper, Hogwarts school textbooks, and Weasley Wizard products. It might be the coolest shop in Soho, London, if not the whole of London. I’ve been there countless times, once with my friend Julia where London had a blackout when we were in the shop! They sell the prints of the artwork feautred in the films, books, and even wallpaper!

Here is the main site: – And here is the print I have!

  • One of my favorite spells is Lumos, so when I saw this book lamp, I thought how unique and utterly amazing it is! You can get it from The Shop that must not be Named for £29.99.

Here is the link!

  • I don’t exactly play much sport anymore, but there is one sport I think the world would love a game of in the Burrow. Quidditch is rather amazing at tying in magical and sport into a single match. This Quidditch set (Which looks like the one direct from The Chamber of Secrets) is from Zavvi and is currently £18.99.

Here is the link:

  • Lego wasn’t a massive part of my childhood, I was much more into Playmobil. However, going into the Lego store at Leicester Square last year made me realize how amazing they were. I was at the BFI London Film Festival, else I would have bought a lot back with me. Its not even Harry Potter sets, they offer Stranger Things, Disney, Marvel and Star Wars. There’s a lot of products on Harry Potter on the Lego site, here is the link to the main page:

and here is my favorite! £34.99

  • I found this Hogwarts sign on Etsy! Etsy is both supporting small business and its got some really creative items on it, like this wall sign. There is also Platform 9/34 on the site if you shop around! It is £32.99.

  • While I was at the Wizarding World at Universal studios Hollywood, I almost cried going into Honeydukes. I’m not sure what it was, I guess reading about it/watching it, made it very real? This mug on Etsy reminds me of that moment! Perfect to share with a chocolate frog, it is on sale for £7.19!

  • The Wizarding World also took a trip back to the 1920s in 2016 with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This Niffler teddy bear is honestly adorable for any room, adult or children. It is £26.00 from the Warner Bros store.

  • Finally we come to the last item on this rather magical list. The Mirror of Erised first popped up in the Philosophers Stone with Harry looking at his parents in it. The Noble Collection have a *smaller* version on their site for £55.00, but it does look rather impressive!

Get it here:

Accio these products and have a magical time! (yuck I sound like Barbie!)

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