How to have the ultimate film night

While certain cinemas may begin opening up around you, its hard to beat an extraordinary film night on your own turf. Don’t get me wrong, I love supporting cinemas and I will go back to them once the virus slows down, but I’ve always found magic in creating a home cinema.

Do you need a huge budget, private room and personalised popcorn buckets? No. This can 100% be a low budget venture for you and your friends (keep 2m though!)

First off decide where its going to be. Its easy to say the living room, but think creatively. Last year I bought a projector off Amazon (Linked bellow) and the very next day, walked past a charity shop selling an original 1970’s boxed Super 8 screen for £1!? Fate. Having a projector means you can take the cinema outside, and you can even use a smart phone and a shoe box and trust me it works (I’ll link a website showing how you can do this). Forget the screen, either get lucky like me or hang up a light bed sheet on a wall, or use a wall! You can also sit in tents, pools, blankets, cars (we did this in my village) or attics, if your planning a horror night? Don’t invite me!

Deciding the film is a big decision. Think about your audience, the people you’ve invited, and the time of year. A Christmas film night is probably my favorite, but the film can make or break a good social night (wow, dramatic much Heather?). For Christmas I’d play Home Alone or Christmas Vacation, for summer I’d so something like Some Like it Hot or The Way Way Back, to check out more film ideas I have a post on “50 Random films you’ll enjoy”.

Then there’s snacks! This is obviously the best part about a film night because you can just eat pure junk food. My friends love popcorn, but I’m not it’s biggest fan. I usually go for the chocolate, I don’t especially like sweets or candy, but dark chocolate? Yes please! If you want to make it really *really* fun, you could do themed food such as Disneyland food for a Disney movie.

Lastly, grab some cozy blankets, friends/family and have fun!

The Projector:

The shoe box/phone projector hack:

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