Five Christmas outfits any red carpet would be proud off

Gowns, suits, huge smiles and a red carpet; its a combination I’ve experienced a few times and its always, magical. Now it’s not for everyone, and I get that! And in 2020, do we really want to be all dressed up? I’m choosing to say yes this year, where I live usually has some incredible Christmas parties, so were bringing the party to us!

I’m also not a fan of spending hundreds (thousands?!) on any outfit. It’s a bit crackers (get it) for a graduate to do such a thing… However, you don’t need to spend that to look and feel incredible for Christmas 2020, because we all need one win this year! I’m also picking things I know I will wear year after year, I think my style used to change a lot in my teens, but I’ve long had a bit of a love for collars, puff sleeves and vintage. Please remember to recycle, reuse and donate if you don’t share the love for clothes anymore!

Without further ado,

  1. Asos Design Petite Mini Dress in Red Velvet

If you know me personally, I am 5’2… Not quite an elf, but it usually means dresses are super long on me. This little number from Asos is a cross between the Adams Family, and a Gothic Christmas dinner at castle. Not sold yet? It also comes in a dark green and in plus size!

2) hm Puff Sleeve Sequined Dress

I’ll be honest, I kinda hate glitter, glitz and the worst… Sequins! But alas, something drew me to this dress and the wonderful 1930’s glamour it showed. You can imagine wearing it at a raving jazz bar in Chelsea Christmas week. Better news yet! If you are a hm member, its discounted. (free to join)

3) ZARA Houndstooth Blazer

I don’t want to be dramatic, but I’m OBSESSED with this. Have you seen Emily in Paris? If the answer is yes, and you didn’t hate it; then you may well be obsessed too. There are even matching shorts! The dream.

4) Other Stories Textured Ruffle Collar Puff Sleeve Blouse & Belter Linen Romper in Light Green

Now before you say WHAT?! Hear me out, I’ve always wanted to look like a sugared almond, you know those green and pink sweets at Christmas? And now I can *evil laugh*. I know my friends would think I’m insane turning up in this attire, but its sweet! Plus its got the Diana collar, and puff sleeves?! Yes please!

5) Mango Contrast Flap Velvet Blazer

In my last selection, this Mango Blazer seems fitting. Its velvet, VELVET! Aka, the best festive fabric there is. While not exactly cheap at £69.00, it is one of those purchases that you can enjoy year after year. I’d pair it with black jeans I think!

and there you have it! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and I’m sure you’ll look amazing. Look out for some film posts next week!


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